Consignment Hours
Tuesday-Saturday 9:30-3:00

1. All items need to come in clean and ready to sell


 2. Consignee will receive an itemized receipt of consigned items

3. Bonnie's Emporium will price all consigned items

4. Consignees receive 50% of the selling price

5. All consignments are displayed for a period of 60 days

6. After consignments have been on display for 30 days Bonnie's Emporium will automatically mark the items down by 20%

7. After 60 days have elapsed, the Consignee will be responsible for picking up any unsold items

8. Consigned items not picked up by the 65th day become store property and will be clearanced, donated or disposed of

9. We do not insure against theft, loss or damage